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In its purest form, hoodia has been clinically-proven to be very efficient at appetite suppression and weight loss but the problem is to find pure hoodia nowadays.

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P57 was the ingredient in Hoodia isolated by the Scientific Industrial Research Council of South Africa.as they thought it was responsible for suppressing appetite.

Michael Steelman.MD.chairman of the board of trustees for the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.treats obese patients in his practice in Oklahoma City.and p57 hoodia cactus slimming capsule price of them ask him about hoodia. “I remain pretty skeptical. he says. “Some of my patients have tried it.but I haven’t had any who felt like it was helpful to them.”

No information is available regarding a missed dose of Hoodia. Consult with a doctor.pharmacist.or health care provider if additional information is required.

P57 hoodia cactus slimming capsule price result is that the body burns fat.and is never hungry.even if it has consumed little food. Due to high demand.many laboratories and companies have produced products like supplements.capsules.and pills containing Hoodia Gordonii.

Furthermore.a US patent has reported the appetite-suppressant properties of Hoodia .and described the isolation of a steroidal glycoside (P57).which reduced food intake in rodents.

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also the hoodia plants are flowering and giving seed twice a year, averaging about 10,000 seeds per mature plant.